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Divorce & Child Support Cases…  Even if they’re not part of your regular practice, almost every lawyer gets to file one at some time or another: for so-called “friends”, family members, and even the occasional paying client.  Are you up-to-speed on the latest Child Support Guidelines?

If Divorce & Child Support cases are a vital part of your practice…

  • Aren’t you tired of wasting your time re-typing party, children and income & expense data every time one of the parties changes jobs?
  • You should be able to edit only pertinent parts of those forms and save the changes to your PC’s hard drive (unlike the AOC website’s forms), shouldn’t you?
  • Don’t you get frustrated creating a Child Support Arrearage table but you know you need one to terrorize opposing counsel or to present in court?
  • How do you like pulling out your Rules book just to estimate the child support for a client who’s holding on the phone?
  •  Aren’t you tired of dragging out your typewriter just to create a VS-16?

Would you like to spend more of your time BILLING clients, instead of wasting it on creating and re-creating CS forms?

Simply put, E-Z Child Support™ (EZCS™) signifies a new era in Child Support & Divorce Case Management software in Alabama. There is no other software product, specific to Alabama cases, that has been tested and re-tested by dozens of practicing Alabama legal professionals before its release. At the end of July 2009, our software was in use by over 100 law firms in Alabama.

EZCS™ is more than just forms processing software. It was designed and built from the ground up with what Alabama’s law firms need most: features, flexibility, and ease-of-use. EZCS™ offers dozens of user-customizable options, an intuitive easy-to-use interface, and some very exciting extra time-saving tools!

EZCS™ Standard Edition Features:

  • Calculates the Recommended Child-Support Order*
  • Saves all of your data for editing later
  • Prints all required forms (formatted exactly like the forms available from Alabama’s Administrative Office of Courts)
  • Creates PDF files for any or all of the forms
  • BONUS #1: Creates the VS-16 Bureau of Vital Statistics form (which must be filed in all Alabama divorce cases, whether or not children are involved)
  • BONUS #2: Quick EZCS™ Estimator Tool

The Standard Edition now includes our Quick EZCS™ Estimator for those times when you need a quick answer to your divorce client’s question: “How much will (s)he pay for child support?” or “How much will I pay in child support?”

EZCS™ Professional Edition Features:

EZCS™ Professional Edition includes all the features of the Standard Edition PLUS our new E-Z Arrearage Calculator. You get the features of spreadsheet editing without the mind-numbing task of writing your own calculation formulas. Even better than skipping the math, entering specific payments for individual payment periods has never been easier!  (Forget the painful use of Excel in creating your Arrearage Tables–forever.)

of the fully-functioning Pro package

We’re so pleased with the results, that we’re offering a 21-day trial version of the Professional Edition so you can get hands-on experience with it. If you can use an email program, you’ll master this program in no time.

EZCS™ was designed to help law firms automate the tedious task of calculating and printing child support and divorce forms for use in Alabama courts. The response to the software’s ease-of-use has been overwhelming.

After launch, our customers asked for more, and we added features and tools to enhance the core product.

Unless the Alabama Supreme Court orders a change in the Child Support Guidelines*, software feature updates are provided at no charge. The latest Guideline changes (effective 1/1/09) were implemented many years after they were first proposed, so we don’t anticipate the need to change that portion of the software (or charge for such an update) any time soon.

E-Z Child Support™ software is only available for Alabama cases today, but our Georgia application is now in development. Stay up-to-date on future releases by registering your email address on our website today.

 *E-Z Child Support™ Alabama calculates
the Child-Support Recommended Order
and prints all CS forms required by Rule 32,
Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration,
that became effective 1/1/2009